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2021 Somerset Storyfest

Posted by Team APATA | Feb 12, 2021

The Somerset Celebration of Literature came into being due to the vision and determination of five prominent Gold Coasters who were associated with Somerset College in the early 1990s. The five – then College Librarian Gail Parr and Head of English Lorraine Pilgrim; ABC journalist Karen Berkman;  Graeme Gardiner and Wendy O’Regan – set about making the festival a reality in March 1993. They were convinced that establishing an annual festival would deliver benefits not only to students but also to the wider community.

The inaugural Somerset Celebration of Literature took place in March 1994, and was attended by 31 authors and approximately 3000 students from 50 schools. Since then, the Somerset Celebration of Literature has grown significantly, gaining recognition as a major festival on Australia’s literary calendar. It features a three-day writers’ festival, literary social events as well as the widely lauded Somerset National Novella Writing Competition for school-aged writers. The festival continues to attract large audiences with its offering of author sessions, workshops and seminars as well as meet-the-author events and the highlight literary dinner with a notable guest speaker.

A 90-minute drive from Brisbane, the regional town of Somerset has become home to the Gold Coast’s official writers’ festival. Storyfest hosts over 130 events across a week, including young writers’ dinners, illustrator battles, student workshops, literary lunches, writing and poetry competitions and business galas with esteemed guests. And it is just a 20-minute drive to Esk – Queensland’s historic town in the Valley of the Lakes – if you want to make a trip of it.

Check out the 2021 Somerfest Storyfest Program, the authors and all the great events available at www.storyfest.com.au

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