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Your Job Listing

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Your Job Title (Use recognisable, industry standard titles)

Name of your organisation

About the role

Provide accurate and essential information about the role.

+ Who will the candidate work with in this role.

+ How does this role contribute to the organisation’s and student success


Provide information about the core duties.

+ Bullet points will make your information standout!

KEY CRITERIA - Skills and Experience

List the skills and experience a candidate requires to succeed in the role.

Mandatory Requirements

Working with Children Card, Police Checks and NDIS, etc.


Include an overview of your organisation, your vision and community.

+ Share selling points that highlight why it’s a great place to work.

yOUR Culture and values

Introduce candidates to your organisation’s culture with a video or provide detail around:

+ Why people enjoy teaching with your organisation?

+ Why your community thrives.

+ Work life balance at your organisation.


Highlight the best parts about the role & working for your organisation.

+ Professional development

+ Mentoring

+ Students and Community

+ Support


The more specific the better. 

+ Is the role across locations, hybrid?

General Information

Type of Role – Casual, Temporary, Part Time, Full Time.

+ Leave information.

+ Probationary period.


70% of applicants will want to know your role’s salary, and 40% more people will look at your listing if the salary is included.

+ Annual, Personal/Carers leave information.

+ Probationary period.

How to Apply

Do applicants require a covering letter, current resume and one page statement addressing the key criteria to “your recruitment email address” or more?

+ Supply the Date and time your applications close.

+ Do you have an applications acceptance disclaimer or terms and conditions.

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