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Jackson is not only an extremely talented singer, actor, and composer, he also works extremely hard to improve these skills and mentor others. Recognised in his community theatre organisation, Jackson also prioritised his school’s choir, theatre and musical productions.

Other students have lifted and improved just from the opportunity to work with Jackson, and this has seen the whole music and theatre program of the school improve greatly. While he loves working on stage, he is equally satisfied working behind the scenes, including publicity, stage managing and even taking the role of assistant director in the school’s latest musical.

Jackson has a big year ahead, preparing to play the lead role of Gomez in the school musical production of ‘The Adam’s Family’. Following Year 12 Jackson is aiming to study Musical Theatre at Griffith University.

The judging committee deeply admired your passion and love of the performing arts and eagerly look forward to following your career and the road ahead as you continue to follow your dreams and nurture your career in the years to come.

Congratulations Jackson Hughesman!

Amazing morning at St Patrick’s College to present the APATA National Award.

Thank you to the teaching faculty especially Ms Kate Albury, Acting Head of Culture for arranging the incredible assembly and presentation at the school. AND a very BIG thank you to the wonderful Lee Lewis, Artistic Director, Queensland Theatre and Frances Hannaway, Senior Designer, Iceworks Design for joining us to present the APATA National Award.

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