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2023 APATA Performing Arts School of the Year

WINNER: St Joseph's College, Gregory Terrace


2023 APATA National Performing Arts School of the Year

Winner: St Joseph’s College, Gregory Terrace, QLD.

St Joseph’s College is a leader in music education. Young men are encouraged and provided the opportunity to explore all forms of music. St Joseph’s College delivers a remarkable program where ‘The Terrace Performing Arts’ pedagogical approach identifies three elements of learning: enable, grow and transform.

From musical theatre showcases, bands, ensembles, orchestras and choirs, the framework of choice available for students is abundant and embraced by many.

St Joseph’s leadership team has designed a forward thinking, creative and considered program that is modern and appealing for their students and the school is committed to delivering experiences that help young men to become the best allrounders they can be. This includes an environment of musical inclusiveness.

The College also has an extensive theatre program which allows students to experience live musical theatre. Inclusive culture sits at the heart of the College’s achievements where music is celebrated every-day in every-way such as Fanfare Trumpets playing for the entry of Presentation Assemblies, Pep Band playing at Football rounds, Sousaphone Army playing at Basketball rounds while the Drumline performs at Rugby rounds and all spirit tunnels including welcoming a Year 5 on their first day at Terrace and bidding farewell to the Year 12 students on their final journey out of the College.

Congratulations St Joseph’s College, APATA National Award Winner – School of the Year

saint josephs college winner apata award

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