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2022 Pulteney Grammar School Presentation

WINNER: Pulteney Grammar School

Pulteney Grammar School certainly put on a show for their end of term assembly and APATA Award presentation.

Thank you to The Honourable Andrea Michaels MP, South Australia’s Minister for the Arts, for attending and presenting Pulteney Head of Performing Arts, Mr Jonathon Rice, with the 2022 APATA National Performing Arts School of the Year Award.

Deputy Principal Adnett, The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP, Mr Jonathon Rice, Deputy Principal Dalwood and Student Leaders

“We are honoured to present this award and to share in celebrating Pulteney Grammar School’s reinvention of their performing arts program. Through the leadership of Mr Jonathon Rice, their Performing Arts faculty has heralded in a new and exciting chapter in Pulteney’s 175-year history.”

A firm believer in the benefit of a good education Minister Michaels understands that education provides children with the opportunity to thrive.

As a mother of a dancer herself, the Minister was wowed by the showcase of arts excellence Pulteney put on display.

“My son’s been a dancer since he was in year two. We had to go outside of school for him to get those opportunities. So to see that level of performance that’s done through schools is fantastic!” Minister Michaels said.

‘Anything Goes’ performed by Pulteney Grammar Performing Arts Students

We were delighted by students’ singing and dancing their way through ‘Anything Goes’, masterful musicianship with the Stage One Band, sweet ‘Seaside Rendezvous’ vocals and a hoorah of a  drumline processional.

The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP adding, “I just want to say to all the students that were involved, & that are involved in any level of performing arts – music, dance, drama. Please treasure every moment you have here. It is a valuable opportunity and and Mr Rice and his team do a fantastic job.”

Vocal stylings of Jazz on the Terrace with ‘Seaside Rendezvous’

Congratulations Pulteney Grammar School!!

Winner of the APATA National Performing Arts School of the Year Award

The Stage One Band with Mr Jonathon Rice and The Hon. Andrea Michaels MP.

Images by Eye Dropper Designs for APATA

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