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2022 APATA Performing Arts Student of the Year – Leilani Collins

WINNER: Leilani Collins

leilani colling addressing bellbird park's hip hop groupJUDGES COMMENT:

An exceptional student with a broad view of the performing arts that captures a passion for traditional culture through to embracing hip hop. Leilani leads and runs the schools hip hop crew dance group as well as works across dance, musical theatre and contemporary works. Leilani is a leader in all she embraces giving 100% at all times. Leilani is not only a performer, she is a teacher sharing her talents with her school community and beyond in front and behind the curtain – Leilani embraces the performing arts and importantly inspires others to join in, learn and have fun. Leiliani is more than a performer – she encourages others to engage in the performing arts and is a true leader in the making wherever life takes her.

The APATA National Performing Arts Student of the Year Award isn’t just about winning competitions, it’s so much more and whilst we acknowledge and want to know about the student’s achievements, we also want to get to know the student as they work towards fulfilling their true potential to thrive in their art form.

The Australian Performing Arts Teachers Association is proud to announce Leilani Collins from Bellbird Park State Secondary College as our winner of the 2022 APATA National Performing Arts Student of the Year.

Leilani Collins’ proves her commitment to her fellow students by encouraging their engagement in the performing arts and established opportunities for them to participate and grow in those endeavours.

Leilani is a role model both in and out of the school environment and we at APATA acknowledge her effort and achievements to embolden her peers with this Award.

Leilani Collins an exemplary student of the Performing Arts

In 2021 Leilani demonstrated initiative, innovation and made a positive contribution to her performing arts community.

  • A committed Dance and Music student with a high standard of effort and grades across the board.
  • Plays bass guitar at school and at a variety of venues with her family’s band.
  • Provides fellow students with support and positivity through challenges.
  • Performs regularly at school assemblies and events.
  • Culturally engages her classmates by leading traditional Māori kapa haka performances not only at Bellbird Park but at primary schools in their area promoting cultural days and events.
  • Promotes a love of dance and dance education to students who would not necessarily have the opportunity to do so, thereby increasing student engagement and attendance from those involved.

Leilani began the school hip hop crew where she:

  • Composes, mixes, edits and produces the music.
  • Choreographs the dance routines and teaches them to an ensemble of over 60 students.
  • Posts tutorials, runs the rehearsals and communicates schedules to the school and students.
  • Every Friday is now known as Hip Hop Day.

Through connection to culture and community Leilani Collins has proved herself to be a leader. Her drive to not only excel in her own study of the Performing Arts but to encourage and provide education and performance opportunities to her peers put her at the head of the pack.

Congratulations Leilani Collins!

Winner of the 2022 APATA National Award for Performing Arts Student of the Year.

Stay tuned for Leilani Collins’ Award Presentation video coming soon.


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